Best Man Win is out!

It’s finally here, exactly 100 days before Christmas, Best Man Wins is now available on iTunes, worldwide!

And trust me, this is really worth your $ 2.99! So, go buy it, watch it and come back here to tell what you thought of it! 🙂

Congratulation to Tim, Stéphane Dumonceau, Frederick Waterman and everyone involved in this project. I’m really happy that is it finally available to a large audience.

Note that you do not need any Apple device. iTunes works on every OS. So all you need is to download iTunes if you don’t have it, and create an account.


Poster courtesy of Stéphane Dumonceau.

Follow the River fundraiser in Santa Fe

Tim attended the fundraiser for Follow the River this weekend. Director and Producer Rachel Noll shared a couple of pictures of the events on her Instagram account. Elisa was also present.

With the leading man. #followtheriver

Une photo publiée par Rachel Noll (@rachelmnoll) le

Une photo publiée par Rachel Noll (@rachelmnoll) le

Check Rachel Noll’s Instagram for some pictures of the potential locations for the filming of the movie.

Follow The River is looking for investors

Follow the River is looking for investors and will hold a fundraising event in Santa Fe on April 29th and 30th. If you are interested in investing in this film, you can contact Emergence Films for details.

You can learn more about Follow the River on Rachel Noll’s website, as well as Slated.

Slated also released a teaser video, containing exclusive footages shot in preparation for the film. (Note that this video is a couple years old, and does not mean the movie itself is actually being filmed yet.) The video is available at the site, and screencaptures of the new footages are available in the gallery.

Best Man Wins featured in American Cinematographer

In their November 2015 issue, the magazine American Cinematographer featured a ‘behind the scene’ look into the making of Best Man Wins.

The full article is available in the magazine section of the gallery (as jpeg files) or here (as a PDF file). The pictures shown in the article have also been added separately to the film’s image gallery.

Miscellaneous video updates

Good news! Tim’s two episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are now back to TDK TV: episode 206episode 208

We’ve also added the various Big Eden extras:
deleted scenes and original cast interviews from the 2000 DVD release, as well as the new cast interview – a look back, from the new 2015 Blu-ray release.

Finally, the following videos have been updated to HD:
My Name is Earl
The Chumscrubber
The Cleaner

Note that for the longevity of our video collection, all the videos are password protected (password is tdktv). Please do not share those videos elsewhere and do not repost the links.

Videos are accessibles at all time via the TDK TV pages: Series and Movies as well as Miscellaneous for the DVD extras.

And don’t miss the cute new promo for Second Chance where the cast describes the show in 10 words! The video is bookmarked on the Interview page.

I have added captures of the video to the gallery.

Uncredited cameo in Sex, Death and Bowling

Ally Walker, Tim’s co-star from Tell Me You Love Me, wrote and directed a movie called Sex, Death and Bowling, being released tomorrow.

Tim has an uncredited role (likely a cameo) in the movie as the “Sex Ed video guy”, according to Ally Walker.

Good luck to Ally with her film!

Best Man Wins awarded, and yet more dates!

Best Man Wins won both Best in Show and the Audience Award At the Movies At The Mill, Easton, Film Festival. Congratulations to all the team for a well deserved win!

And here is the list of all known upcoming showings so far. Check website links for schedule.

London, UK: Raindance Film Festival. Friday Oct. 2nd, at 6:20 pm.

Sapporo, Japan: 10th Sapporo Short Film Festival from October 7th to October. 12th.

Wichita, KA: Tallgrass Film Festival. Best Man Wins, showing before Hitchcock/Truffaut, on October 16th and October 18th.

Fairfield County, CT: Short Cuts festival. Wednesday October 21st.

Savannah, GA: Savannah Film Festival, from October 24th to 31st.

Wolfville, , : Devour! The Film Food Festival, on Sunday, November 8th.

Seoul, Korea: Asiana International Short Film Festival, from November 5th to 10th.

Napa, CA: Napa Film Festival, from November 11th to 15th.

Fairhope, AL: Fairhope Film Festival, from November 12th to 15th.