Follow the River (2016)

Directed by Rachel Noll
Producer: Sienna Beckman
With: Tim DeKay, Tom Proctor, Rachel Noll, Paul Lange

Synopsis: An intimate, character driven Western following the unlikely romance between a woman on the run and the man sent to bring her to justice.

Slated* | FTR at Rachel Noll’s site* | IMDB | @Rachelmnoll | @Siennagrace89

*Contains a detailed summary that may be considered spoilerish.

Status: Filming summer 2016.

The Stockwells. Short film (2014 – director)

Directed by Tim DeKay
With: Tim DeKay, Melinda McGraw, Daniel Betances, David Cooley, Danna DeKay, Michael Santorico, Serena Jules

Synopsis: The Stockwells, a typical loving American family, want nothing more than to live a life of peace. Outside forces, however, know they carry a secret and are looking to exploit it at any cost.

Official site | IMDB

Status: Completed. Entering Festivals.

The cast of The Stockwells (l-r: Serena Jules, Michael Santorico, Melinda McGraw, Danna DeKay).

Loving Ebeneezer (director)

Directed by Tim DeKay
Produced by Tom Novak and Sheri Reeves
With: Joe Mantegna, Nick Searcy

Synopsis: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the theater!


Status: Pre-production.

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