2016 Follow the River (in development)

2016 Second Chance (TV series)
2015 Sex, Death and Bowling (uncredited cameo)
2015 Best Man Wins (Short)
2015 Dinner at Tiffani’s (TV series)
2014 Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (TV series)
2014 The Stockwells (Short)
2014 Revenge (TV series)
2009-2014 White Collar (TV series)
2013 Body of Proof (TV series)
2012 Christine (Web series)
2012 Hot in Cleveland (TV series)
2011 Chuck (TV series)
2011 Law and Order: Los Angeles (TV series)
2009 Scrubs (TV series)
2009 Political Disasters (Film)
2008 The New Adventures of Old Christine (TV series)
2008 CSI Miami (TV series)
2008 The Cleaner (TV series)
2008 N.C.I.S. (TV series)
2008 Monster Ark (TV movie)
2008 Get Smart (Film)
2008 The Russell Girl (TV movie)
2007 Tell Me You Love Me (TV series)
2007 Numb3rs (TV series)
2007 Randy and the Mob (Film)
2007 The 4400 (TV series)
2007 Hidden Palms (TV series)
2007 Naked Under Heaven (Film)
2006 The Far Side of Jericho (Film)
2006 Cold case (TV series)
2006 Standoff (TV series)
2006 Peaceful Warrior (Film)
2006 Walkout (TV movie)
2006 My Name is Earl (TV series)
2005 CSI: Las Vegas (TV series)
2003-2005 Carnivale (TV series)
2005 The Chumscrubber (Film)
2004 Control (Film)
2004 Without a Trace (TV series)
2002-2003 Everwood (TV series)
2003 Welcome to the Neighborhood (Film)
2003 Pauly (video short)
2002 Malcolm (TV series)
2002 The Third Wheel (Film)
2002 Friends (TV series)
2002 Ally McBeal (TV series)
2001 Taking Back Our Town (TV movie)
2001 Thieves (TV series)
2001 Swordfish (Film)
2001 Nice Guys Finish Last (short)
2001 Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man (TV movie)
2001 Honey Vicarro (TV movie)
2001 Chestnut Hill (TV movie)
2000 Big Eden (Film)
1999-2000 Sports Night (TV series)
2000 God the Devil and Bob (TV series)
2000 The Crow 3 – Salvation (Film)
1999 Buddy Boy (Film)
1997-1999 Party of Five (TV series)
1999 The Pretender (TV series)
1999 The Practice (TV series)
1999 True Love (TV series pilot)
1998 Ask Harriet (TV series)
1998 Brimstone (TV series)
1998 Cupid (TV series)
1998 Almost Heroes (Film)
1998 Caroline in the City (TV series)
1998 The Pentagon Wars (TV movie)
1998 Ellen (TV series)
1998 Five Houses (TV movie)
1998 The Prospector (short)
1997 Diagnosis Murder (TV series)
1997 Invasion (TV movie)
1997 Night Sins (TV movie)
1997 Touched by an Angel (TV series)
1997 The Naked Truth (TV series)
1997 The Larry Sanders Show (TV series)
1996 Grace Under Fire (TV series)
1996 Danielle Steele’s The Ring (TV movie)
1996 Seinfeld (TV series)
1996 Common Law (TV series)
1996 Townies (TV series)
1996 If These Walls Could Talk (TV movie)
1996 Champs (TV series)
1996 L.A. Firefighters (TV series)
1995-1996 SeaQuest (TV series)
1993 Fat Tuesday (Film)

Undated: Dogs (TV series), All My Children (Film), Loving (Film)


2014 Loving Ebeneezer (pre-production)
2014 The Stockwells (Short) (completed)
2012-2014 White Collar (TV Series) (3 episodes)

– Taking Stock (2014)
– Empire City (2013)
– Stealing Home (2012)

2009 This Monday (Short)


2014 Best Man Wins (Short)
2014 White Collar (Season 5, Season 6 – TV series)
2009 This Monday (Short)

Sources: IMDB and Film Reference

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