Best Man Wins on iTunes in September

Thanks to the folks at White Collar Closure TV, who tweeted that Tim’s short film, Best Man Wins, will be released on iTunes on September 12! And it will likely be available for you international folks as well!

It’ll be great to finally see this film, as we’ve been waiting quite a while for it to finish making the festival rounds.

Speaking of festivals, Tim won the Best Actor award for Best Man Wins at the Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival on July 24. Congratulations to Tim, and to everyone involved with the film, which also won the Best Film award!

Happy 17th Birthday, Jamis!

Happy, Happy 17th Birthday to Jamis DeKay!

It’s been a blessing getting to watch Tim and Elisa’s adorable little boy turn into a handsome and gracious young man. In addition to being talented at just about everything he tries, Jamis is also quick to respond and thank us when we post things for him on our Instagram account – including with the birthday wishes today.

Jamis, here’s hoping your 17th year brings you so many great things! Good luck with baseball, your junior year of high school, and everything else that comes your way in the upcoming year – and beyond!

Here’s our Instagram post, as well as the great photo Elisa posted. Be sure to stop by and leave your birthday wishes for Jamis!

Happy second anniversary Team DeKay

This is our second anniversary already! 🙂

I want to thank everyone who is following for their support, and of course my partner Daclaren for all the great work! I couldn’t ask for a better partner for this website.

And of course, many thanks to Tim and the whole DeKay family for their great support and kindness. There’s no one I’d rather do a website for.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Elisa & Tim!

Today, Tim and Elisa are celebrating their 25th (or ‘silver’) wedding anniversary!! These two are such a sweet and beautiful couple, and they deserve all of the joy that a love like theirs brings! Here’s wishing them many more years of happiness together! <3 Happy Anniversary, Elisa and Tim

(Photos courtesy of the DeKays, George Holz, & ABM Photography. Silver heart background by gloeckchen on DeviantArt.)

Follow the River fundraiser in Santa Fe

Tim attended the fundraiser for Follow the River this weekend. Director and Producer Rachel Noll shared a couple of pictures of the events on her Instagram account. Elisa was also present.

With the leading man. #followtheriver

Une photo publiée par Rachel Noll (@rachelmnoll) le

Check Rachel Noll’s Instagram for some pictures of the potential locations for the filming of the movie.

Second Chance – my thoughts after this first season

When I first heard about Tim being cast in a Frankenstein show, I have to say I was a little skeptical… I was happy at the perspective to see him in another show, but I’ve never been particularly interested in the Frankenstein story. I do like Sci-Fi, though, at least a certain kind. So a modern version of it could be fun. And I could just watch for Tim. It’s not like I haven’t done this sort of things before. After all, I fast-forward through all the biblical stuff in Carnivàle, but I still love the carnie world and Jonesy is one of my favorite of Tim’s characters.

But in the end, Frankenstein aka The Frankenstein Code aka Lookinglass aka Second Chance ended up to be quite a good show, that I genuinely enjoyed all around. And much better than you might think just from the premise. Now, I’d be very sad if Fox doesn’t renew it. Which, I know is a slim chance, but the fact that they haven’t just called it yet means there is a chance.

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Follow The River is looking for investors

Follow the River is looking for investors and will hold a fundraising event in Santa Fe on April 29th and 30th. If you are interested in investing in this film, you can contact Emergence Films for details.

You can learn more about Follow the River on Rachel Noll’s website, as well as Slated.

Slated also released a teaser video, containing exclusive footages shot in preparation for the film. (Note that this video is a couple years old, and does not mean the movie itself is actually being filmed yet.) The video is available at the site, and screencaptures of the new footages are available in the gallery.